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Vibration control

Structure Borne Vibration

Limit the transmission of vibration between structures or isolate sensitive equipment from environmental vibration with high-performance anti-vibration solutions from ROSTA.
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ROSTA offers suspension systems with the highest levels of isolation and efficiency for all free oscillating vibrating systems, from onion sorting shakers to dewatering screens in mines.
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Total Supproted Load [Min. 70N]


Excitation Frequency [Max. 100 Hz*]


Number of ROSTA Mountings

Selection tool recommendations are general in nature and may not be suitable for specific applications and installations. Consider the comprehensive product data and guidelines provided in the ROSTA catalogue and other resources. For further assistance, contact your local ROSTA representativeanti vibration mounting selector
Option ROSTA Element Type ROSTA Element Size Natural Frequency Vibration Isolation
-Outside load range
MaxVV 4514 Hz to 12 Hz100% to 100%
MinV3815 Hz to 12 Hz100% to 100%
MinN 80 M1225 Hz to 22 Hz99% to 99%

ROSTA ANTI-VIBRATION MOUNTING SELECTOR provides indicative selection of anti-vibration mountings:

  1. Vibration isolation: Estimation only, not inclusive of damping effect. Please contact ROSTA for specific data or damping coefficient.
  2. Not inclusive of cold flow effect (rubber settling).
  3. The load is assumed to be distributed equally.
  4. Feasibility of subcritial applications can be consulted with ROSTA.
  5. Vibration amplitude and remaining compression to be accounted for to asure efficient mounting performance.
  6. ROSTA mountings can have dissimilar capacities in X, Y, Z directions.
  7. *High-amplitude, high-frequency vibrations may overheat the ROSTA element. For frequencies higher than 50 Hz, the amplitude cannot exceed compression equivalent to 0.5° rotation angle of ROSTA element.
  8. More anti-vibration mounts are available.

Please contact ROSTA for details.


Type ABI

ROSTA oscillating mountings type ABI are maintenance-free elastic rockers for the support or suspension of freely oscillating vibrating equipment with a wide variety of designs and drive systems. They assist the driving forces in the conveying direction and assure good linear guidance of the oscillating part of the machine. The pantograph structure of the oscillating mounting allows large spring deflection under load, which results in low natural frequencies (down to approx. 2.2 Hz) and hence exceptionally high insulation efficiency towards the support structure. The great lateral stability of ROSTA oscillating mountings prevents the wobbling of the screen casing typical of helical spring mountings on passing through the resonant frequency.

All ABI oscillating mountings are in stainless steel (AISI 304) and interchangeable with the blue AB oscillating mountings!

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The oscillating mounting type ABI-HD is the "Heavy Duty" version in the AB mount family of the ROSTA screen suspensions. For example the ABI-HD type 50-2 offers 40 % more load capacity compared to the standard version AB 50-2 (14′000 instead of 10′000 N) by a slightly higher natural frequency (f = approx. 2,7 Hz instead of 2,3 Hz).

The ABI-HD screen mount is the ideal suspension for mining- and aggregate screen working under variable charging capacities and are less sensitive on possibly occurring overload situations. Furthermore, due to the high load capacity, these mountings are also predestined for screens submitted to impact loading situations (e.g. charged by front-end loaders).
All ABI-HD oscillating mountings are in stainless steel (AISI 304) and interchangeable with the blue AB-HD oscillating mountings!

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Type ESL

ROSTA anti-vibration mounts type ESL are intended for the absorption of medium and low frequency vibrations and are designed to accept compression, tension and shear loading as well as combined loadings. They can be installed in any desired position and are also ideal for ceiling and wall mounting.

Due to the mechanically secured principle of the anti-vibration mounts type ESL no tearing off is possible. These elements are maintenance-free, insensitive to water and dirt and suitable for temperatures from -40°C to +80°C. The housing and core of the elements up to size 45 are made of light alloy with steel brackets. The housing of size 50 is made of GGG 40. All elements are paint-finished.

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The ROSTA Element, an elastomer powered torsional spring, is central to our range of specialised machine components designed to provide a combination of useful functions. ROSTA components offer dependable performance across a broad spectrum of industrial applications
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Specialized, high-performance elastomer compound cords.

Select ROSTA elements are capable of being refurbished by replacing either the rubber cords, the inner mounting or the outer housing. Not only is this efficient, but its great for the environment as well.

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Elastic suspension for all types of screening machines and shaking conveyors. ROSTA offers the widest range of oscillating mountings. From standard mounts to heavy duty. Also available in stainless steel.
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