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At the heart of every ROSTA product is the original technology concept developed in 1944, using an outer housing which contains an inner square surrounded by 4 rubber cords.  

The function of a ROSTA rubber suspension?

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Ambient temperatures the ROSTA element can be used?

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The average lifetime of a ROSTA element?

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Does it require maintenance?

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What It Does

The ROSTA elements comprises multiple functions in a compact design.

It encompasses 3 functions in 1:

a torsional spring
a pivot bearing
an anti-vibration mount

With an operating angle of +/-30 degrees with a variety of torques and sizes it serves in countless applications.

How It Works

The ROSTA rubber suspension elements are mainly designed for applications as torsional spring devices offering operation angles of ± 30°. Depending on
the particular function, not only torsional moments are generated by pivoting
the spring device. According to the specific application additional radial Fr, axial Fa and / or cardanic Mk forces have usually to be taken in consideration.
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Durable outer housing.

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Precision crafted inner section
featuring multiple connection options.

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Specialized, high-performance elastomer compound cords.


Quality Control & Tolerances

Since December 1992 ROSTA AG has been an ISO 9001 standard certified development, manufacture and distribution company. All products undergo regular functional and quality testing. The rubber inserts are continuously tested and controlled on the test machines of the in-house laboratory with regard to Shore A hardness, compression set, abrasive wear, rebound resilience, tensile strength, breaking elongation and aging behaviour. 

The dimensional tolerance of the rubber inserts is defined according DIN 7715 standard and the Shore A hardness according to DIN 53505 standard. The
inner-core profiles and housings of the rubber suspension elements are subject to the tolerance guidelines of the relevant production process and respective supplier (e. g. cast, extruded, edge rolled) and the individual material consistence (e. g. aluminium casting, steel tube, nodular cast iron part, etc.). The resulting torsional moments and spring deflections of the ROSTA rubber suspension elements are within a tolerance range of ± 15 % at the most, but usually lie in a much narrower range!
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